Jason Schaefer, MA

providing online Therapy for adults across Oregon

Meet Jason Schaefer, your partner and guide on your therapeutic journey. An Associate Professional Counselor in Oregon, Jason is the sole proprietor of Portland Alchemical LLC.

Jason brings a long history of knowledge and experience to his practice. His diverse background includes supporting children and adults with developmental disabilities, work with elders, and at-risk teens. With his understanding and comforting therapeutic approach, you’ll find it easy to connect with Jason for support.

Jason completed his graduate program in Counseling Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. With a focus on depth psychology, he is passionate about helping clients find the source of difficult patterns and make conscious changes for a more fulfilling life. His knowledge continues to grow through workshops and self-directed education.

Jason’s published graduate thesis is on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and the importance of the subjective experience in healing and transformation. Jason brings his knowledge from experience and study in the area of psychedelics to offer preparation and post-psychedelic session integration support to help clients make the most of their experiences. Portland Alchemical LLC., is not certified to administer psychedelic substances at this time.

Jason’s perspective is informed by “parts work” methodologies such as Internal Family Systems and Voice Dialogue. The profound self-understanding that develops from the facilitated use of such techniques provides a unique lens for you to examine your patterns and contradictions.

Drawing inspiration from the experiences of his non-binary and queer family members, Jason is a staunch advocate for social justice and equality. He is also dedicated to relationship work, offering the opportunity for couples to transform their challenging dynamics into connection based in personal boundaries and mutual understanding and support.

As a member of a longstanding weekly men’s group, he has witnessed the transformative potential of collective male introspection. Jason helps men find meaning in their relationships and learn to relate to the world with more compassion and empathy. He offers individual therapy for men and organizes a men’s group called Everyman, which is available to anyone who identifies as male.

Let Jason join you in your search for self-discovery and healing. Every session can offer an opportunity for transformation. Learn how Portland Alchemical LLC. can support you, by scheduling a free consultation today.